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Repo Man sponsored by Positive Step Farm, Howell

  • April 21  7:30PM
  • April 22  7:30PM
  • April 23  7:30PM
  • April 24  7:30PM
  • April 25  7:30PM
  • April 26  7:30PM

After being fired from his job, Los Angeles slacker and punk rocker Otto (Emilio Estevez) lands a gig working for an eccentric repossession agent named Bud (Harry Dean Stanton). At first, Otto is reluctant to work as a repo man, but he grows to love the fast-paced job. After learning of a Chevy Malibu that has been given a $20,000 price tag, Otto embarks on a quest to find the car with the beautiful Leila (Olivia Barash), who claims the trunk's contents are otherworldly.