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The Street Fighter's Last Revenge


  • February 3   4pm •  7pm 
  • February 10 4:15pm  •  7:15pm 
  • February 11  4:15pm  •  7:15pm 
  • February 17  4:15pm  •  7:15pm 
  • February 18  4:15pm  •  7:15pm 


Terry Tsugury (Sonny Chiba) is a street-wise thief who agrees to help an underworld crime boss (Akira Shioji). For a fee, Tsugury will steal back a set of cassette tapes that contain precise instructions on how to manufacture cheap heroin. But when he realizes he's been double-crossed, Tsugury makes off with the tapes. With a deadly assassin (Frankie Black) on his trail and an ever-widening circle of people he can't trust, Tsugury finds help in a mysterious agent (Etsuko Shihomi).