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Thrive With Less


  • December 2  4:30pm  •  7:30pm
  • December 3  4:30pm  •  7:30pm
  • December 4  4:30pm  •  7:30pm


When did living excessively become the norm in our culture? When did we decide that more is better but better is never enough? Somewhere along the way, our society has become more focused on attaining fleeting sources of gratification rather than working towards establishing true, lasting joy. And that needs to change. Thrive with Less is a project which aims to contrast an excessive lifestyle with one that is more minimal. As filmmakers, we challenged ourselves to make changes in our lives and documented our journey, as well as the lives of others who live minimally. By stripping away the excess and pursuing moderation, we believe it is possible to get back in touch with what really matters.

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